A rapid rise in hospital beds may be required in New Zealand for the Covid-19 medical response.  In 2010 Assembly Architects worked with a talented team to design and deliver a prefabricated classroom construction system to 14 schools throughout NZ.  Following the Christchurch earthquakes, 2 buildings (4 classrooms) were installed at Golden Bay High School in 3 weeks, totaling 350m2.

The foundation system can be installed on asphalt courts or car parks, and is designed for low cost removal and reinstatement. The design purpose was for classrooms, hence any temporary use for health care can still have an afterlife.

The team behind this want to make the IP available should this building system be useful in the Covid-19 response.  We will provide a preview of the plans and are willing to assist and/or support any entity interested in providing this rapid building system.

 Click here to preview the drawings

If this is to be used then the proposed site will require local Architect, Structural Engineer and Service Engineer to assist with siting and services, as well as contractors, and BCA consenting process to be established.

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Key facts about the buildings:

  • Click here to preview the drawings
  • Asphalt surface such as court or carpark is ideal to site the buildings on
  • Building width 7.2 metres. Building length to a 2.45M module. 
  • Double classroom is 7.2metres wide x 24.5m long = 175m2 area
  • These buildings do not require high technology.  A CNC cut ply table ensures dimensional accuracy for the framing. The panels were constructed in a shed with typical trade labour.

Please share this with any party you may think is interested.

Email justin@assembly.nz with the subject title ‘COVID19 Rapid Building System’ with a description of your interest and a contact phone number.