Mt Barker, Wanaka

Sited on a flat terrace under the Criffel Range this rammed earth home hunkers low on its elevated site under a gently sloped roofplane.

The Northern pavilion addresses the wide panorama of the Wanaka basin, balancing sliding and slot windows with rammed earth walls under a projecting eave of corten steel.   To the South, the earth walls of the entrance and garage flank a sheltered courtyard under the dramatic mountain slope.


2020 Southern Architecture Awards Winner

Backed in against a vast hillside this house sits unassumingly to the distant observer yet the simplicity of the form belies the complex interplay between materials, mass and void in a sophisticated manner. This house is lean, with elemental clarity, spatial fluidity and paired back detailing that exploit the inherent advantages of unadorned rammed earth, timber and concrete in this specific context. The architects understand these materials in this place and have allowed them to speak for themselves in calm, contemporary elegance.