Crown Range Retreat | Queenstown

Raw materials are composed to harmonise with the harsh alpine landscape.  Local schist & concrete foundation walls ground the dwelling into the slope, extending to define terraces.   Rough rammed earth walls and glazed panes wrap the form, topped with  textured corten roof slices that avoid the gabled vernacular, leaving those forms for the mountains. 

The home faces prevailing winds, the form affords views while sheltering a walled courtyard.   Beyond this, a small-scale guest house provides a cosy & private retreat within the retreat.   

External materials extend into and form the interior.  The foundation datum references changes in level, and with the flat ceiling accentuates the view – an ever-changing character in the home, through landscape and portrait windows.  For the majestically still summer days, windows slide open, transforming rooms into softly furnished loggia. 


Main Contractor: RBJ Construction

Rammed Earth Contractor: Down to Earth Construction

Interior furnishings and fabrics: NW Studio

Structural Engineer:  Holmes

Photography by Simon Devitt