Rammed Earth house, Wanaka New Zealand by Assembly Architects Ltd

All projects begin with a conversation.  We listen to your ideas, inspiration and vision from your practical requirements to how the design should function and feel. We tell you about us, our service and address your questions about design, consents, time, quality, cost, and your engagement in the process.

We visit your site.  We undertake environmental research to assess the nature of the site – its sun, wind, views, topography, and its built context.  We also review the legal context such as covenant restrictions, consent notices, and conditions of consent to identify compliance constraints.

We form a design concept in response to the vision and function in consideration of the environment and constraints.  We communicate the design in various forms from pencil sketches through to photo realistic renders. All projects can be experienced in virtual reality, enabling you to walk through the design as it develops.  Near or far, we continue the conversation in person or online.

Assembly Architects renders bring design to life.  Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift.  Arrowtown, Queenstown.

We develop the design with a strategy appropriate to your quality expectations.  We consider your preferences, and bring our love and knowledge of materials and structure, both tried and tested or innovative and new to your design.

We guide you to expertise in cost estimating and town planning to test the project feasibility for cost and resource consenting, to geotechnical and structural expertise for appropriate structural design, building science expertise for thermal performance, and to experts in landscape design and ecology.

We detail the design with technical research and rigour, and communicate with clarity for clients, contractors and consenting.  Our contracting procurement strategy matches contractors, contract type and contract administration appropriate to the scale and quality of the project and involvement.  

The resulting architecture is reasoned, personalized, environmentally responsive and delivered to suit your quality and budget expectation.

To begin your conversation, contact us.