Architect Services

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Assembly Architects Limited is a New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) Practice led by Registered Architects Justin Wright and Louise Wright.  We provide Architect services from concept to completion for your new build or renovation project.  We use the NZIA Agreement to Architect Services as the Agreement between client and Architect, and can administer the NZIA Standard Conditions of Contract between a Contractor and client.  Our services include:

  • Site analysis for due diligence
  • Preliminary design feasibility
  • Planning rules assessment
  • Concept design
  • Developed design including integration of external consultants input
  • Detailed design including integration of external consultants input
  • Visualisation including 3D renders
  • Documentation for NZ Building Consent
  • Documentation for NZ Resource Consent
  • Documentation for on or offsite construction
  • Joinery and furniture design
  • Interior concept and detailed design
  • Landscape concept design
  • Construction contract procurement
  • Tender processes
  • Construction contract administration
  • Construction contract observation


Justin Wright of Assembly Architects Limited has significant experience in the design of elements, panels, construction systems and structural systems for off-site prefabrication and on-site assembly.

  • We assisted Stanley Group in the design development and documentation of the FastClass system, which followed the design and delivery of prefabricated classrooms for Catholic Schools.
  • Stanley Group commissioned us to deliver prefab student accommodation bedroom pods for installation into a multistorey building (Base building by Warren & Mahoney).
  • Also for Stanley Group we designed a building and cladding system for a 100 day project to deliver luxury retail at Britomart.  [Concept plan by Cheshire Architects]
  • For the Wellington Zoo Hub we designed an award winning custom aluminium permanent marquee structure for manufacture in a fire engine factory.

Our Prefab & Modular Services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Structural and services design integration and communication
  • Consent documentation
  • Contstruction documentation
  • Contract procurement
  • Contract administration


Talk to an architect” is a helpful resource produced by the New Zealand Institute of Architects that covers information about choosing an architect and understanding the architectural process.